Sushines Zippity Zaina, Can. CD, CGC - "Zaina"

			Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Classic Image, ROM
		Can. Ch. Signature Play To Win, ROMC
			Signature Seduction (linebred Formal Notice)
	Can. Ch. Jolensays Blueberry Ice
			Can. Ch. Ridgelynn Jeremiah Johnson
		Jolensays Blue Satin Sashes, ROMC
			Jolensays Tri A Little Love
SUSHINES ZIPPITY ZAINA, Can. CD, CGC - 15 1/2", tri-color
			Am./Can. Ch. Sumersong Deep River
		Can. Ch. Sushine Just A Joshin, CDX, TT
			Can. Ch. Okedokies Only Opal (linebred Backstop)
	Sushine's Karry On Kaitlyn (4 Can. Ch.s)
			Amberset Night Rider (Backstop)
		Can. Ch. Okedokies Only Opal (linebred Backstop) 
			Okedokies Lil Hint O'Heather

Zaina has an exceptional body and produces it, as evidenced by her son, Ch. Lander